Creating Garage Workshops

Garages are spaces that can be used for fantastic levels of creativity and productivity. Whether you like to do woodworking, machining, writing, music, or even just taking care of your car, a garage workshop can be a space of great vitality and life. The experts at Orange County Garage Doors would love to help our clients turn their garages into these creative workshop spaces – and have typed up a guide to help you figure out how to transform your garage into the workshop of your dreams.

Initial Dreaming Up Plans

First, decide how much space you can work with. Do you want to transform your garage into a mechanical workshop – and if so, will you be able to still keep your car in it? A garage workshop for automotive mechanics needs to be bigger than a garage workshop meant for woodworking. You need at least 15 feet of garage width for every car in your garage, not to mention at least 26 feet of depth. Then you need to take care of all the aspects of the interior including lighting, cooling, heating, ventilation, storage, flooring, plumbing, and electrical power.


Requirements for Building a Garage Workshop

Make sure you have enough space to work in, and avoid tight cramped areas. If you want your garage to be a workshop:

  • Pay attention to storage, and ensure there’s enough storage room for all of your equipment. Don’t leave supplies or tools willy nilly all over your garage, as clutter is the enemy of productivity for many people.
  • Use lots of lighting, as if you’re working with tools or machinery you need to have proper lighting in order to stay safe.
  • Make sure all surfaces are durable, and utilize heavy duty rubber mats or special garage tiles for proper traction.
  • You will need a workbench as well as proper cabinets, shelving and storage.
  • Workbenches need a heavy and hard top.
  • If you’re working on a wood surface, use a hard wood like maple or oak – but be aware that oak can splinter if they are hit many times, so opt for a different type of wood if you’re going to be partaking in heavy amounts of hammering.
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