Garage Door Spring Repair

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Garage Door Spring Repair - Orange County Garage And Gates is a A Local Orange County Garage Door Company Providing Garage Door Spring Repair Services in the Entire Orange County Area
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Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs hold an unbelievable amount of tension in order to successfully lighten the load for manual or automatic opening and closing of the otherwise, incredibly heavy garage doors. While this tension helps them operate effectively, it also makes it incredibly dangerous for amateurs to attempt repairing issues with garage door springs. The experts at Orange County Garage Doors & Gates can efficiently and seamlessly provide any repairs to garage door springs necessary - all in a matter of minutes, and at a competitive price.

Garage door torsion springs

If your garage door works with a torsion spring system, don’t try to repair it by yourself, as it can cause the door to crushingly slam down. Torsion springs turn rather than extend as the door operates, and while more expensive, often last much longer than extension springs. They allow for a controlled range of motion through opening and closing, and generally place less wear on the garage door opener. This is why generally, the experts at Orange County Garage Doors & Gates favor the installation of torsion spring based home garages.

Orange County Gate Repair | Replacing Liftmaster LA400PKGU 24VDC on a swing gate

Garage door extension springs

Garage door extension springs are similar to the type of box springs that you might see in mattresses. They are installed on both sides of the garage door, mounted on swinging arms, and spread out as they open the garage door - and are coiled shut in their neutral position. They are somewhat more dangerous and prone to snapping than torsion springs, but much cheaper, so many people opt to install these for lighter weight garage doors.

Broken Spring Repair Orange County, CA

Whether it is a torsion garage door spring, or extension spring, we can fix it!

  • Fix broken garage door torsion spring
  • Fix broken garage door extension spring
  • Garage door spring adjustment
  • Garage door spring replacement
  • Residential Garage Door Spring repair
  • Commercial Garage Door Spring Repair
  • Fair prices for every spring repair
  • Same Day Garage Spring Repair

How Much Does Spring Repair Cost?

The most common question we get “how much does it cost to replace garage door springs?" To give you an exact price quote, we would need to know the size of the door, weight, and type of garage door springs needed (torsion or extension). Since we carry over 40 different types of springs to account for all the different types of garage doors, we recommend that a certified technician takes the proper measurements himself before giving you an exact price quote.

Call Orange County Garage Doors today to have a certified technician give you an estimate on garage door spring repair.



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