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Welding Service - Orange County Garage And Gates is a A Local Orange County Garage Door Company Providing Welding Services in the Entire Orange County Area
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Custom Gate Welding Services in Orange County, CA

When serious issues and distortions begin to affect your residential or commercial gates, sometimes welding is the best repair service possible. The experts at Orange County Garage Doors & Gates can seamlessly provide any gate related welding service to our customers - restoring your gates to their pristine intended glory incredibly fast, with incredible results, and all with an incredible amount of courtesy and attention to detail. Our welding experts will come directly to your location and re-weld and repair any loose railings or aspects of your entrance gates, custom gates, wrought iron gates, pool gates - or really any gate that you might have in your house! Our expert welders can re-adjust gates from dragging or rubbing on the floor, re-aligning them to perfect working order. We can also repair any rusted or disintegrated areas that may have been exposed to the elements. Our servicemen have the necessary experience to provide any gate welding services in a fully efficient and professional fashion, helping bring your gates up to levels of safety - as well as beautification - by removing any flawed aspects of them and replacing them with brand new metal parts seamlessly. Next time you require gate welding services, look no further than the technical wizards at Orange County Garage Doors & Gates; we won’t stop until we achieve your 100% satisfaction with our job well done.


Orange County Garage Doors & Gates provides welding services including:

  • Iron gate welding
  • Driveway Gate Welding
  • Pedestrian Gate Welding
  • Aluminum gate welding
  • Steel gate welding
  • Stainless steel gate welding
  • Arc welding
  • Decorative gate welding
  • Same day gate welding service
  • Fully licensed, bonded, and experienced technicians


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Brands We Carry

  • Orange County Garage Door & Gates carry wayne dalton garage doors brand
  • Orange County Garage Door & Gates carry stanley brand
  • Orange County Garage Door & Gates carry craftsman brand
  • Orange County Garage Door & Gates carry genie brand
  • Orange County Garage Door & Gates carry liftmaster brand
  • Orange County Garage Door & Gates carry maranetcM brand

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