• 5 Common Garage Door Repairs

    Garage door repairs usually aren’t too complicated to carry out, but they can be dangerous operations due to the high tension of the garage door springs. If you have garage issues, it’s essential to contact a garage door expert like those at Orange County so you can have the problems remedied in a safe and efficient manner. Here are the most common garage door repair operations that we carry out.


    Garage Door Spring Replacement

    Garage door springs help moderate and provide balancing for the door’s weight, allowing it to close and open with ease. They work as a counterweight and help the door stay level as it gets piled up. Springs either come in the torque or stretching varieties, and are necessary to be solid and intact in order to ensure the continued longevity and effectiveness of a garage door. Springs are very tight, however, and should only be handled by professionals as amateur attempts to repair or modify springs can prove very dangerous.


    Garage Door Seal Replacement

    The seals on the upper and side parts of garage doors help seal out moisture, preventing mold, as well as protecting the garage from the weather outside. These seals often degrade, and their degradation can cause issues with the garage door jamb – we recommend the installation of PVC seals.


    Garage Door Bracket Replacement

    The brackets of the garage door allow the upper part of the door to be moved around – but they can accumulate rust over time and get worn out. Broken brackets are very dangerous, as they can cause garage doors to suddenly fall down with extreme speed and weight – so it’s necessary not only to replace faulty brackets, but to inspect your normally functioning ones on an annual basis to ensure their proper operation.


    Garage Door Opener Repairs

    Garage door openers utilize radio signals, circuitry, and sometimes Bluetooth for proper operation. The repair of garage door opener circuit boards can be attempted by educated amateurs, but we don’t recommend it as they are delicate, complex, and easily damaged mechanisms. Since circuit boards are part of your essential security infrastructure, as they allow the garage doors to close and open on command, they should always be repaired in a timely manner.


    Garage Door Chain Drive Opener Gears

    Garage door openers that utilize chains and sprockets can similarly degrade over time, requiring immediate repairs to mitigate the dangers of a collapsing door – and like the brackets, they need to be periodically inspected in order to ensure their proper continuing operation. Any professional garage door expert, like those at Orange, can efficiently and precisely inspect and repair gears and other parts of any chain based garage door opener, providing solutions that will last for long periods of time, ensuring your peace of mind.

  • Watch our Expert Gate Technician Replace a Swing Gate Opener

    The experts at Orange County Garage and Gates are dedicated to demystifying electric gates, so our customers can maintain a better understanding of this essential equipment that keeps their homes, businesses, and property safe and contained. In the attached video, our experts demonstrate the process of installing a Liftmaster LA400PKGU 24VDC model on a 14 foot swing gate.

    Removing the Malfunctioning Gate Opener Arm and Rewiring Circuitry

    First, we have to remove a malfunctioning AFC Hydraulic arm due to it’s damaged chamber and oil leakage. We use tools to remove the old arm and unplug all the electrical wires that attach to the metal equipment, taking care not to tear them from the board mainframe. We quickly ran into an issue – the gate’s 220 voltage did not meet our need for a 110 voltage, so we ran new 110 wire voltages into a brand new control board with which we replaced the older one with the incorrect voltage.


    Welding the new Arm and Programming the Photo Eye

    Then, we welded the brand new arm to the gate, attaching it with great care by attaching ridid brackets to the stability bar. Then, we install the safety photo eye that helps stop and reverse the gate if somebody, or something finds themselves in the way of the gate’s motion. As our repairman explains, today, no proper gates can be installed without an electric photo eye.


    Now, it’s time to test the opener, and make the proper adjustments to the control boards setting levels. We’re happy with the door’s operation, as it’s perfectly smooth and quiet, as opposed to the janky way the last door operated and leaked oil.


    Programming the Remote, and Installing the new Wireless Keypad

    Then, we need to program the portable LiftMaster remote for ease of use. We find the right matching frequency, pressing the button to recalibrate while activating the gate so the remote can set on the correct signal. It matches, opening the gate with nothing but a slight whisper of noise. Opening and closing tests both work perfectly, to our non-surprised satisfaction. The very same remote is programmed to use the garage door in the back.


    Then, we move on to remove the garage keypad for the old opener, and replace it with a brand new keypad matching the brand new opener. We need to drill new holes in the wall to fit the new wireless keypad’s attachment size, screwing and affixing it onto the wall. Then, we program the universal wireless keypad to join it with the control board. We enter some data into the keypad, walk back to the control board to verify, and then input the code in the new keypad to enter it into programming mode, and enter all the necessary instructions until we get a beep confirming our programming. After a successful test, we have verified that the new wireless keypad is programmed and works, the remote works, and our job has been successfully completed to our customer’s 100% satisfaction!


    If you want to see the skilled technicians at Orange County in action, check out this video which documents our seamless execution of this project!

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